250 million liqueur facebook consultation collection admin expectations, is it possible?

admin occurred a few days will be how to improve the site visitor even when the prayers were suddenly attacked by the thought of this.

in the mind of thought "this year wrote Indonesian population of more than 250 million people, the country ranked 4th in the world (source http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daftar_negara_menurut_jumlah_penduduk) is sihh ana as a novice blogger or newbie somewhat difficult to increase the number of visitors, yachh many constraints as well as the promotion of paid less cultivated (knowingly still thin finance), friends (weak interaction), time (can not focus blogging due to the current admin condition), writing (it takes a lot of creativity to attract readers).

250 million liqueur facebook consultation collection admin expectations, is it possible

admin Why choose a target of 250 million? because the population of Indonesia and Indonesia also has one of the most Facebook users (many services on facebook Indonesia)although in reality, faebook users in Indonesia does not reach the entire population of Indonesia.

election mean 250 million liqueur is hope admin will be the amount of visitors reached 250 million blogs kumpulankonsultasi of the general's facebook liqueur (a total of more than 7 billion) and specifically Indonesia (total population of more than 250 million people)

is it possible?

may be, if the admin had a friend like you who are ready to help so with the permission of Allah Almighty, all of it would have happened sooner or later (wants faster :) Afwan)

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Indonesian positive side is a majority Muslim population in the world and even ana hope will continue and global majority for favors that Allah Ta'ala has given to this country so it was appropriate for the Muslims in general and particularly in Indonesia to multiply thanks to the gods arrozzaq, one form of gratitude is thirsty for attending the majlis science (as he read the article da'wah kumpulankonsultasi.com also includes attendance to the majlis science) and practice guidance Islamic Shari'a which has taught the sahabat radhiallahu anhu yachhh course with our own consciousness due to the quickness of allah ta'ala not just a liability release.

250 million liqueur facebook consultation collection admin expectations, is it possible

back to the discussion of this subject ana posts, 250 million liqueur is the target to be achieved admin, was a dream if ana ana blogs liqueur note this number are still around in 1293 but it was definitely there and hope because Allah ta'ala all permits it will definitely happen.

need admin admit this time will be many obstacles to achieve this, but please help in goodness, especially fellow Muslims ana feel it is still growing in our souls each.

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for yourselves who are willing to help the admin there are several ways that you yourselves can do
1. via funbox please click here
2. via the website please click here
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