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assalamualaikum ikhwati (brother / i ana) this morning, ana writing regarding improving the bond of brotherhood, nahh to simplify it ana make a tutorial for you yourselves who do not know how or how so :)

by following consultation collection posts directly via the official website

the image already described how to make friends with admin, along with it, ana will also help in writing on the image there are four arrows, true that or not?
The first arrow (for yourselves who have a gmail account)

gmail email facility usually has joined automatically to other service facilities such as google plus or youtube, if you yourselves online and yet this log (go to gmail facilities) will be directed to log in first. then if you've instantly choose to follow

The second arrow
This general requirement yourselves have an email account, be it service provided by gmail. yahoo, telecom etc. on the box you yourselves are only required to put yourselves always use the email then click subricble (subscription) then akam activation email inbox that you yourselves will subscribe recent posts, if you yourselves activate it every recent posts from the blog kumpulankonsultasi (consultation collection), it will automatically go to the email yourselves so that you yourselves do not miss additional knowledge (such as newspaper subscriptions, only difference if pay yourselves enough newspaper online only, free wifi use if their online campus hehehe)

arrows to 3
for yourselves who have a facebook account, this is almost the same way previously only ama way every new post admin attach to an automated, facebook will spread to the walls chronology of friends who like funbox kumpulankonsultasi (consultation collection).

arrows to 4
for yourselves who have a twitter account, this network application displays only a little writing, along with links to the pages of the blog or website
all arrows aim to make the page post that has been da'wah admin thus simplifying friends take the information to the source page without difficulty.
may be easily understood and cooperation ana hope you / i for participation to the future site of this da'wah is growing and is known by many people.
Syukron ikhwati

Warm greetings admin atri Yuanda al-pariamany
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