Do you know the history of January 1 st year Christian

"Ever since the 46th century BC King of the Romans Julius Caesar set January 1 as the beginning of the year. The Romans dedicated the January 1 to Janus, the god of all gates and doors beginning (time).

history of January is named after Janus himself, the god who had two faces, one face-to-face clicking (period) and a front-facing one another face (period) and ". (The World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 14, p. 237).

Who celebrate New Year's Eve in any way, is that they follow The Paganism (Paganist) who celebrate Janus, with around the fire, blowing trumpets partying and singing the same air.'

"Congratulations on the pagan Roman imitators who have celebrated New Year's Eve or janus Day".
For those who are not engaging in you save, because you as you continue to be committed to the word of Allah Ta'ala in the Qur'an Qs.6: 161-163

قال إنني هداني ربي إلى صراط مستقيم دينا قيما ملة إبراهيم حنيفا وما كان من المشركين. قل إن صلاتي ونسكي ومحيائ ومماتي لله رب العالمين. لأشريك له ؤبذالك أمرت وإنإ أول المسلمين.

"Say (O Muhammad)!
'Indeed my Rabb have tipped me to the straight path, the true religion, the religion of Abraham. He Ibrahim excluding the Pagans'.
"Say (O Muhammad)!
'Verily my prayers, devotions and death is just the one for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. No ally Him, and by-kianlah who commanded, and I was the one who first of all have surrendered (Muslims) "

إني وجهت وجهي للذي فطر السموات وألارض حنيفا وما أنا من المشركين
"I am face-the face of God, who created the heavens and the earth with full submission (follow) the religion of truth. And I'm not including the Pagans". Qs.6: 79,
Do you know the history of January 1 st year Christian

If we think the point Jagan rah-rah in excessive to blow the trumpet, fuel money with fireworks and other mubazzir programs in welcoming the turn of paganism that much time and even to pass time because the dawn prayer vigil that cause heavy sleepy eyes ..! ! Better alms sma who need or use in cases that bring the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala

Compiled by Ustadz Badrusalam, Lc حفظه الله and slightly edited and additional text by admin
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