How does the tree bark?

How does the tree bark,The reader never eat bark?, ever kept, if ever see a tree bark?

There were comments, "let alone see the tree, eat bark wrote has never been" severely ya if you have not eaten (sorry, just kidding).

As far as the admin, in this Sumatran that much even one of them (limited knowledge of the admin) contained only bark tree in northern Sumatra in the city of Sidimpuan desert, and even then not all, only after sadabuan until to batang toru only.

Indeed, not all sweet bark, and most have a characteristic sour but not like lemon . Sidimpuan bark is different form the bark that grows in Java (different genes yach times).
How does the tree bark
Oh yes, almost forgot, how does the shape of the bark tree? for those who already know, deem wrote recall old memories, this particular friend of ours who do not know.
Incidentally the will of Allah ta'ala, admin commissioned by ar-risalah al-khairiyyah foundation based in Tanjung Morawa in the desert town Sidimpuan as a preacher field (actually train themselves to preaching and introveksi themselves).

Alhamdulillah, every week can ration bark (one of the pilgrims who give lectures, parents chaplain hasan). Sometimes a bag, a plastic bag size 3-8 kg, mostly sweet bark i'am get, when to eat alone is not exhausted, distributed to friends and students at the boarding school and jama'ah masjid pijor Koling.

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