Visitor USA, canada, australia and europe main target value of the highest click google adsense

Assalamualaikum ikhwati (for those of you who Muslims) and Greetings (for non-Muslims), you a blogger?, You are also one of the google adsense publisher?.

This paper is exactly right for you yourselves (you) who have a hobby of blogging plus find money especially for yourselves who rely Google's advertising program.

Excess google adsense advertising is split profits of more than 60% to the publisher so that the program still exist and demand a lot of publishers Indonesia and even the world.

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Yach tasty but all it takes effort even have a google adsense account not all have the same income and some have not been earning years. Among the obstacles that often happens is that posts that do not speak English as well as the lack of visitors.

That is the minimum withdrawal limit per month, if in Indonesia to be earning a minimum limit is 100 dollars, 100 dollars if you've passed the new money can be withdrawn and most of the google adsense publisher to withdraw money via western union because they are practical and efficient.

Interesting is not it?

Oh yes, what is there that do not know the purpose of earnings?

Back again, although there is another constraint that causes slow earnings google adsense but these 2 things that ana will lift to the surface because it is often the case

1. Lack of visitorsLack of visitors could be due to the topic we are discussing is not so attractive or too formal, extension, boring, not needed, less update Display heavy and unpleasant to behold Weak promotion either free or paid, and other causes

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2. The non-English speaking BlogVisitor USA, canada, australia and europe main target value of the highest click google adsenseAna as admin have friends name ozzy musa (African Muslims) in google + hangout, he is one of the publisher from Somalia who long lived in new york american, ana (I) talked long and eventually enter the discussion google adsense. It turns out he is also a blogger and earning per month is 700 dollars and he suggested ana to make posts to speak English so there is the possibility of visitors come from the USA canada australia and europe so the main target value is highest click google adsense.

If only rely on visitors from Indonesia only then earning very, very slow.
Here is a suggestion ozzy to ana google adsense publisher as well.So ana also berinsiatif also post the English language text on this blog whose purpose is also to cover the operational costs kumpulankonsultasi blog, because trying meminilisir donations from visitors.

That advice ana for yourselves that berselanjar in the world who are interested in blogging and blogging and want to earn through google adsense.Hopefully this article useful for admins and to visitors as well.

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