What causes blue screen windows and the solution?

What causes blue screen windows and the solution. Perhaps you have experienced a case like this, when it would turn on the computer or laptop but that happens your computer or laptop just exit the display blue with white writing or often referred to as the BLUE SCREEN Screen Display (Blue), a lot of factors that cause the blue screen This, one of them if there is a change in the laptop bios settings on the hard disk settings should position his regular IDE for windows xp 32 bit, or position AHCI for Windows Vista or Windows 7 both 32 bit or 64 bit.

What causes blue screen windows and the solution
When we install windows xp 32 bit, usually bios configuration on a laptop or pc we set for reading IDE hard drive, and Windows will run normally, and the installation of windows will be successful, but once you set the bios back to the default position, or let's say the bios pc and laptop battery exhausted, then the bios configuration settings for the hard drive back to AHCI then once you turn on the computer or laptop will happen blue screen.

To overcome the above problems try to check in the bios, the position of the IDE and AHCI in the bios settings, if you try to set the IDE to AHCI or otherwise, usually computer or laptop will be the normal way back.

Can also by other causes, such as a memory card is dirty, or also its VGA card cooling fan is not normal due to shut down, or due to storage media can also cause this blue screen.

Solution before the reinstall, try cleaning all components of the dust, if all components of otherwise normal all, by checking the temperature or the temperature in the bios hardware monitor when it shows the temperature below 50 - to 60 degrees then we considered normal computer, try to reinstall it, with backing previously existing data.

That is the experience of the author, because weve I was a technician at orbancom computer, so this article is written based on my experience, probably still a wide variety of causes of this blue screen.

Information source by: Orban (Sutan Rajo Nature)
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