Who FIRST 30 PEOPLE IN ISLAM.This discussion is quite interesting that the admin lay here for friends

1. FIRST writing Bismillah: Prophet Sulayman Alahissalam.
2. FIRST drink Zamzam water: Prophet Ismail Alahissalam.
3. FIRST circumcised: Ibrahim Alahissalam.
4. FIRST given clothes in the last days: Ibrahim Alahissalam.
5. FIRST called by God in the last days: Adam Alahissalam.
6. FIRSTdo sa'i between Safa and Marwah: Sayyidata Hajar (Mrs. Prophet Ismail Alahissalam).
7. FIRST raised in the last days: Prophet Muhammad Shallahu alaihi respectfully.
8. FIRST Islamic caliphs: Abu Bakr As Siddiq radhiallahu anhu.
9. FIRST use the dates move: Umar bin Al-Khattab radhiallahu anhu.
10. FIRST meletakkah position Caliph in Islam: Al-Hasan bin Ali Rhadhiallahu anhu

11. FIRST Prophet Muhammad Shallahu nursing alaihi respectfully: Thuwaibah radhiallahu anhu.
12. FIRST martyrdom in Islam from among men: Al-Harith bin Abi Halah radhiallahu anhu.
13. FIRST martyrdom in Islam than among women: Sumayyah bint Khabbat radhiallahu anha.
14. FIRST writing tradition in the book / sheet: Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Ash radhiallahu anhu.
15. FIRST archery in the fight fisabilillah: Saad ibn Abi Waqqas radhiallahu anhu.
16. FIRST muezzin's call to prayer and melaungkan: Bilal Ibn Rabah radhiallahu anhu.
17. FIRST praying together with the Messenger Shallahu alahi respectfully: Ali ibn Abi Tholib radhiallahu anhu.
18. FIRST make the pulpit of the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad Shallahu alahi respectfully: Tamim Ad-dary radhiallahu anhu.
19. FIRST a sword in the fight fisabilillah: Az-Zubair bin Al-Awwam radhiallahu anhu.
20. FIRST write sirah / life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu trip alahi wasssalam: Ibban bin Othman bin Affan radhiallahu anhu.

Who FIRST 30 PEOPLE IN ISLAM21. FIRST The first believers the propagation of the Prophet Muhammad Shallahu alahi respectfully: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid radhiallahu anha.
22. FIRST Founder books of fiqh proposal Imam Syafei rahimahullah.
23. FIRST fostering prison in Islam: Ali ibn Abi Tholib radhiallahu anhu.
24. FIRST king in Islam: Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan radhiallahu anhu.
25. FIRST make the public library: Harun al-Rashid rahimahullah.
26. FIRST procurement of Baitul Mal: Umar Al-Khattab radhiallahu anhu.
27. FIRST memorizator the Quran after the Prophet Sallallahu alahi wassallam: Ali bn Abi Tholib radhiallahu anhu.
28. FIRST build a tower in the Haram of Mecca: Caliph Abu Jafar al-Mansur rahimahullah.
29. FIRST Al-Muqry held: Mus'ab bin Umair radhiallahu anhu.
30. FIRST The first entrance into heaven: Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alahi respectfully.

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