return trip Siais lake track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra 

assalamualaikum konsulter, about 2 months ago, I was invited by Mr. zainul cs to batang toru to attending wedding invitation (admin is still single), it should come as well, at 9:30 pm we set off to the location of pijor Koling held walimatul Ursy, distance traveled more or less 1.5 hours with average speed of 40 km / h because the causeway that passed quite severe damageparticularly in the last road after parsalakan regions.

traffic lane after frontier padang sidimpuan city toward batang toru-Sibolga, climbing then decreased to Sidimpuan padang city will be seen beautiful and cool fresh air again when it arrived at the summit of the hill, along the way also found salak garden, ma sya allah.

walimatul ursy location near a rubber plantation, when to place, there are many among ikhwan are present, walimah activities with Islamic manner but still there is a bit of disadvantage that nasheed plus music by the time of home, approximately 11:30 am before going to siais lake.

My next taken home with follow another route, it turns towards the lake Siais, curious about the place eventually follow opt.

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra

after traveling more or less 2 hours eventually Siais lake It appeared from a distance, constraints to the location because the badly damaged roads to a maximum speed of 30-40 km / h.

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra

alhamdulillah, finally arrived at a nearby location and comfortable in Siais lake, the lake is quite widely, but because not well maintained to much creepers around the edge of the lake that covered beauty the lake, around the Siais lake not many people, and according to the information I found, the majority of them nias bleed.

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra

weather during sting enough, our short break while looking Siais lake views, this sir muhammad isa, again focused see of the lake, recalling old memories come to the Siais lake, it was once cross road towards the siais lake is quite nice but successive time and lack of attention plus location easily damaged road and heavy-laden car also present so as to accelerate damage to the road.

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra

although tired to the location because the severity of the road damaged, still shine a cheerful smile on the faces our brother, the exact location of the photo is on the left side of the photographer, around the lake there are semi-arid and some are still looks green.

after a break of 30 minutes, we went on travel home, oh yes there was a mosque alongside siais lake padang sidimpuan northern sumatra in which there is a river right behind the crowded population around and outside the region because the river which is right behind the mosque, there are many wild fish that should not be taken unless located outside the watershed such as the amount of water capacity of the lake overflowed. the prohibition of taking fish intended that the river water is clean and there are other factors.

the way home was so well, many roads are damaged, repair roads and smooth while towards sidangkal.

return trip Siais lake  track padang Sidimpuan northern Sumatra
for you who like the challenge of towards natural tourist area, I suggest to use a dirt bike or 4WD car so that there are no obstacles on its way.
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