What manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy ?

kumpulankonsultasi- Among the Muslims particularly in Indonesia is very familiar to them on behalf of imam Syafii particularly in terms of fiqh even named their children by imam Syafii name, a positive value but unfortunately, many Muslims do not know the reality of about Aqeedah imam Syafii, plus a few days ago, there is little dialogue admin with person that claim to ahlu sunnah Aqeedah and labeling hisself manhaj with  iman Syafii. Allah is the Greatest.

Is it true that Allah is everywhere ?
In this article the admin peeling discussion of the attribute specified istiwa by imam Syafii , istiwa attribute are attribute fi'liyah (actions) that true for Allah azza wa jalla. In the Qur'an, this trait be included in 7 verse:

"truly, your Lord (is) Allah that created the heavens and the earth in six days and then He is seated on the Arsy ..."Al-a’raf[7]: 54

"truly your Lord He is Allah that created the heavens and the earth in six Days, then He sitteth in on 'arsy (Throne) to organize everything. No one can give syafa'at except after his permission .... "Jonah [10]: 3

"Allah that raised the heavens without any pillars (as) that your see, then He is seated on the ِArsy. He has subjected the sun and the moon; each circulating according to a predetermined time .... "Ar-Ra'd [13]: 2

"(It is) the Most Gracious, that seated on the Arsy." Taha: 5

"that created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six Days, then He is seated on the Arsy, (He is) that most benevolent, then ask (about Allah) to the person that know more (Muhammad)." Al- furqan [25]: 59

"Allah created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six Days, then He is seated on the Arsy. You no one helper and giver syafa'at besides He. So if you do not pay attention? "As-Sajda [32]: 4

"He created the heavens and the earth in six days; He then seated on the Arsy. He knows what enters into the earth and what comes out of it, what it comes down from the heavens and what is go up there. And He is with you anywhere. And God is see what you doing. "
Al-Hadid [57]: 4

The verses of this glorious show about his Allah sitteth upon His arsy, accordance with what He wills, after creating the heavens and the earth. He sits with a throne in accordance with his majesty and greatness.

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Similarly, in the Sunnah, there are enough lot of hadith which establish this the throne, including:
إنّ الله لمّا قضى الخلقَ كتبَ عنده فوق عرشه إنّ رحمتي سبقتْ غضيْ
"truly, Allah when finished creating His creation, He wrote in his side upon 'His Arsy:' truly, My grace actually predates my wrath. '" (Narrated by Bukhari in the book "at-Tawheed" [IV / 2751] and Muslims in the book "at-Tauba" [IV / 2107])

إنّ في الجنة مائةَ درجةٍ أعدّها الله للمجاهدين في سبيله كلَّ درجتَين ما بين السماء والأرض فإنْ سألتُمُ الله فسئلوْه الفردوسَ فإنه أوسطُ الجنةِ وأعلى الجنّةِ وفوقه عرشُ الرحمن ومنه تفجّر أنهار الجنّة
"In heaven there is actually 100 degrees (levels) prepared by Allah for the mujahideen fi sabilillah. The distance between the two degrees is like (distance) between the heavens and the earth. So if you ask Allah, ask His to firdaus heaven because heaven that most middle and high, whereas above it Throne rahman (seat of the Allah), and from it flowing the rivers of Paradise. "(Narrated by Bukhari)

Ibn Khuzaymah said in his commentary on this hadeeth: "This news explain that 'His Arsy our Lord is above His heaven and He has tell us that He is seated on his Arsy . So, our creator is above 'His Arsy is upon His heaven. "enough a lot of hadith that has this sense. (see the book at-tawhid Ibn khuzaimahv (I / 231-289), al-Islamiyya Ijma'ul Juyusy (48-61), and Mukhtasharul 'adh-Dhahabi Uluw work (81), and others.) manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii

Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama'ah believe in amount of these texts, and apply it in accordance with its Zahir accompanied by faith in what is explained, such as the determination of the nature istiwa 'for Allah as worthy of his. manhaj aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above arsy.

referral imams, namely Ibn Khuzaymah rahimahullah, explain: "We believe in Allah news jalla wa 'ala that our creator seated on His Arsy. We do not change the kalam Allah and do not say other than what is said to us, unlike the Mu'athtilah Jahmiyyah which said: 'verily He has power over' His Arsy, not be on the Arsy. '
So, they replace other words beyond what is said to them like what was done by the Jews when they were commanded to say hiththa, but they say hinthah so violated the command of Allah Ta'ala, so it is with a group Jahmiyyah. "(At- monotheism of Ibn Khuzaimah [I / 231]) manhaj aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy

Among the Salaf have agreed that Allah ta'ala seated on His Arsy and nothing whatever of His hiding among their deeds. While atsar which contains information about it, either from among the Sahaba, Tabi'in, or imams forerunner, a lot of amount.

Among them is what is narrated from Ibn Mas'ud radhiallah anhu, he said: "Arsy upon the water, whereas Allah above the Arsy , for his there is no hidden on all deeds." (Adh-Dhahabi said in al-'uluw : "narrated by Abdullah ibn imam Ahmad in al-sunnah and Abu Bakr ibn al-Mundhir, Abu Ahmad al-'asal and al-Lalika-i, al-Bayhaqi and Ibn Abd al-Barr in their books with sanad authentic [103])

Also narrated by al-Bayhaqi with isnaad from al-Auza'i he said, "is us, a lot of the tabi'een, saying that Allah is above His Arsy and our faith in the information submitted by the Sunnah which contains about His attributes. "(Al-Asma 'wash shifaat [515]. classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Islam in al-Fataawa (V / 39) manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy

Among the most popular stories about this problem is what is narrated from the imam malik. One time he asked about the word of Allah: "the merciful Lord seated on Arsy." How does he sit? Imam Malik said: "His dwelling can be understood, but it is unknown how he reside. As for your question about this question is bid'ah, and I seem to see you as someone who is not good. "(Sharh usul Ahlus Sunnah I'tiqad [III / 398], 'Aqidatu as-Salaf al-Shabuni work [17], Ibn servant al-Barr in Tamhid [VII / 138], Ibn Abi Zayd al-qirwani in his treatise adh-dzhahabi in al-Uluw [103], and Ijma'ul Juyusy al-Islamiyya [75]. narrations have been collected by Dr. Abdu Ar-Razzaq bin Abd al-Muhsin al-Badr.)

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said: "The idea that Allah is above the Arsy is the opinion agreed upon by the Prophet entirely, and it is mentioned in every book that was sent to every prophet who was sent as an apostle. Problem was also agreed by the predecessor generation of this community as well as by the imam among them of all classes. "(Naqhdu at-Ta'sis [II / 9)
In interpreting the word istiwa, the Salaf has 4 expression:1. Al-'Uluw (height)2. Al-Irtifa (rising)3. As-Su'ud (ascending)4. Al-Istiqrar (settled)

Ibn Qoyyim rahimahullah said about it:
They have four expressions of it has been owned by horsemen that many stab.that, istiqra, 'style and likewise her irtifa'a that no rejection/ abasement.such also sha'ida into the fourth. While Abu Ubaidah friends ash-Syaibani, choose this opinion in his commentary that is more aware than al-Jahmi about quran. (An-Nuniyyah with Sharh al-Harras [I / 215]) manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy

Abu Ubaidah ash-Syaibani his real name Ma'mar ibn al-matsna at-Tamimi is an expert nahwu their slaves, linguists and friend of Imam Ahmad. A very honest, died in 208 H. (See the book at-Taqrib [II / 266-3])

It's all explained the position of the Salaf about faith schools attributes of Allah Ta'ala. They believe that these properties have a decent sense of Allah Ta'ala, not just words dry, stiff, and there is no knowledge on him about school Salaf, while they suspect that that school of the Salaf.

The conclusion that the nature of the Salaf believed in Allah altitude above His creatures and His funeral above 'His Arsy as worthy of His majesty.

Among the information that is transmitted from the imam ash-Syafii about this is what is mentioned by adh-Dzhahabi in the book of al-'Uluw, he said: "narrated by Shaykh al-Islam Abu al-Hasan al-Hakari and al-Hafidzh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi through their sanad up to Thawr and Abu Shoaib, both of Muhammad ibn Idris ash-Syafii, a defender of the hadith, he said: I think about the Sunnah is I hold him, hold him, and also the -people who I see, for example Sufyan, Malik etc. 

Namely the recognition of the testimony that there is no god who has the right prayer except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and Allah is above 'His Arsy in this heavens. proposition shows that manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy of Allah

He came to His creatures according to what He wills and down the lowest sky according to what He wills. '"Then he also mentioned throughout I'tiqad (beliefs or other beliefs). (Mukhtasharul 'Uluw [176]. Mentioned by Ibn Qoyyim of Abdurrahman ibn Abi Hatim history of Thawr and Abu Shoaib in Ijma'ul Juyusy al-Islamiyya [94]. See also: Majmu Fataawa [IV / 181] and' aunul Ma'bud [XIII / 41 and 47])

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Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: "imam Ash-Syafii said: 'caliphate of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq was haq (truth), which had been decided upon Allah of the heavens, and He has brought together the hearts of His servants to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. '"

Later, he added: "even if it is collected anything said by Shafi'i in this issue, there is undoubtedly her adequate information / sufficient." (Fataawa Majmu [V / 139], al-Atsar fi Aqidati al-Haafiz abdul Muqhni al-Maqhdisi [47], and in al-Islamiyya Juyusy Ijma'ul [95])

As the argument of 'uluw (height) of Allah Ta'ala, Imam ash-Shafii report adheres to Mu'awiya ibn al-Hakam as previously mentioned, namely, the news tells us that he wanted to free a slave woman, but that slave women tested first by muhammad the Prophet to know whether he is a believer or not.The Prophet said to his: "where Allah?"The slave then signaled to the heaven.The Prophet asked again: "Who am I?"He said: "The Messenger."So, the Prophet was commanded: "liberate, because he is mu'minah."

So, the Prophet decided belief that when a female slave acknowledges that his Lord in heaven and he knows about his Lord through nature 'uluw and fauqiyah (proud). (Al-Umm [V / 280], Majmu 'Fataawa' [v / 192], ash-shawa'iq al-mursalah [IV / 130] and al-Manaqib by al-Bayhaqi [1 / 394-398])

Al-Bayhaqi said: "The mention of the arguments that explain Allah tabaraka wa ta'ala his reside above 'His Arsy and atsar-atsar from among the Salaf who have this sense, numerous, and this road show to schools imam ash-Syafii. (Al-Asma 'wa ash Shifat [517] and Fat-hul Bari [XIII / 407])
so some information indicating the beliefs imam ash-Syafii rahimahullah that he believed to everything that is characterized by Allah to His self and to anything that is characterized by his messenger in accordance with the beliefs of the Salaf sect.

manhaj Aqeedah imam ash-Syafii about the attribute of al-istiwa (reside) above the arsy

These descriptions show of faith to the following properties, namely al'uluw (height) and al-istiwa '(reside) in accordance with the method of generation of the Salaf.

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Source reference: manhajul Aqeedah al-Imam Shafi'i FII itsba'til Aqeedah (manhaj aqidah Imam Shafi'i) written by DR. Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab al-a'qil university teaching staff is part of Islam Medina al-munawwarah seventh printing rajab 1435 H / May 2014 AD, publisher of pustaka Imam Shafi'i, Hal.402, translated by H. Nabhani Idris, Saefudin Zuhri , rewritten by Atri Yuanda al-pariamany da'wah site admin kumpulankonsultasi.com

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